Scribus Templates is a community-powered repository of templates for the open source desktop publisher Scribus. It aims to deliver professional and easy-to-use templates for all kinds of projects: books & photo books, newsletters & magazines, brochures & flyers, posters, covers, CVs & resumes, office documents... you name it! Litteraly. Let us know what you would like to see next!

This website is a work in progress!

We’re using Blogger as a temporary solution as we build our platform and populate the first templates. Our project is open and collective: this means anyone can contribute and decisively impact the way it is shaped and evolves over time. Subscribe to follow along, we’re releasing new templates every week.


  • Submit your templates. Yep! Be part of the next revolution in desktop publishing. Ever wanted to showcase your work to the rest of the world? Receive feedback from other designers and improve your skills? Now you can! Convert your Scribus projects into templates and submit them here. Read all about the bold Art Libre license in the Help page.
  • Ask questions, leave comments & feedback. If you have general questions, are experiencing issues, or would like to suggest a template or other ideas, leave comments on the website or fill out the form. If Scribus templates has helped you achieve something great, send us your pictures 🙂
  • Code with us. Coming soon!

Next steps

In 2018, we will:
  • Populate the repository. We started designing and releasing new templates every week in April 2018. We’re targeting a broad range of uses: business & administration, non-governmental organizations, scientific & educational, recreational, freelancing...
  • Develop the platform. We’re building an indexable repository of templates that will allow contributors to showcase their work. You can expect #profiles #portfolio #networking... Oh my!
  • Focus on simple goals and a happy community. Free access to knowledge and skills are the main fuel behind the project. Our aim is to empower people around the world by making desktop publishing accessible to all. Seriously, how great does that sound?! So join in! Spread the word and share the love! #MakeScribusSexy Showcase your babies! #MadeWithScribus 😉

Get in touch: info@scribus-templates.net